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Accredited Training

It is both a legal and safety requirement that each member of an Organisation’s Emergency Response Team receives training that will enable them to perform their duties on an on-going basis, safely, efficiently and in a competent manner. JOIFF training for Emergency Responders is developed based on required competency and continual assessment throughout the duration of the training. JOIFF Training includes courses / programmes compiled from the latest International standards to build on the core emergency response team skills for Site specific competencies.

JOIFF Accreditation includes not only training courses / programmes but also the location, facilities and instructors / assessors where the training takes place. All successful participants in JOIFF accredited training courses / programmes receive JOIFF accredited certificates of competence.

JOIFF Accredited Training is developed on the basis of universally acceptable minimum standards of training for Industrial Emergency Response Teams (ERTs) and is overseen by the JOIFF Director of Standards of Training and Competence.

JOIFF Accredited Training

  • is up-to-date, clear and easy to understand;
  • allows training to take place at times and at a pace that are set by the Organisation which employs the Learner;
  • is based on hazard management on the site for which the Emergency Responder has responsibility;
  • ensures competence to the Site Emergency Response Plan.
  • provides International qualifications in the fields of training covered by the courses / programmes;
  • results in certificates of competence.