As JOIFF develops and expands its range of activities, it is forming collaborative links with Organisations with which it is working to achieve its objective of developing the knowledge, skills and understanding of emergency response personnel with the aim of ensuring that whether employed or contractual, personnel manage risks safely. Organisations with which JOIFF has currently set up collaborative links are listed below. For further information, contact the JOIFF Secretariat Fulcrum Consultants, email

DG- Hazmat Group is a Global Network for Dangerous Goods and Hazardous Materials Storage Handling issues set up in March 1997 and currently with a membership in over 50 countries.DG – Hazmat Groups comprises regulators, enforcement officers, HSE people from a varied cross section of industry, chemists and scientists in many disciplines, engineers, educators and environmentalists, manufacturers, suppliers, academics, physicists and research students, oil company and chemical representatives, community public interest groups and activists. A weekly newsletter is distributed via the Group mainly for the purpose of networking, sharing common problems and enabling everyday technicians and others to freely discuss common issues around the globe. JOIFF were pleased to enter an alliance with Dangerous Goods & Hazmat Group in November 2009, as an extension of their Shared Learning network.

The Fire and Blast Information Group (FABIG) is a non-profit, cross-industry membership based organisation committed to the dissemination of knowledge and best practice and the development of guidance on the prevention and mitigation of fires and explosions and on the protection of facilities and personnel against fires and explosions. The group has currently over 60 members which include oil and gas companies, legislators, certifying authorities, design contractors, specialist consultants, equipment manufacturers and research centres. FABIG holds quarterly Technical Meetings in London and Aberdeen where invited specialists give presentations on topics of interest to the members. In addition, FABIG publishes a quarterly technical Newsletter and uses the latest available research results to produce an annual Technical Note for its members.

Fulcrum Consultants were appointed Secretariat of JOIFF in January 2001 and have been working closely with JOIFF since that time on all aspects of JOIFF activities.