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Training Courses/Programmes

JOIFF has developed a series of training courses and programmes based on the highest current levels of knowledge and competence relevant to the sector in which the training will be carried out. Courses / programmes are specifically directed at hazard management / fire safety / emergency response staff providing protection to Industry and Commerce. Courses / programmes are carried out under the supervision of JOIFF accredited instructors / assessors.

Much of JOIFF Training is site specific to allow demonstration of competence and continuous maintenance of competence using the site resources that might be required in the event of an emergency accident / incident on the site for which the emergency responder is responsible. JOIFF recommends that site specific training should be supplemented by robust external training in a JOIFF accredited Training Establishment.

The JOIFF Diploma

The JOIFF Diploma is a computer based programme either on usb drives which are issued to each learner or through the Internet from a secure password-accessible website. It is a competency programme for both full time and part time personnel who respond to emergencies in Industry/Commerce and it covers necessary key skills, learnt and demonstrated by the student in practical training and exercises that will allow them to deal competently with any site emergency that involves risks within their area of responsibility.

One of the main advantages of the programme is that it is primarily carried out on the site where the student is based using the site facilities and equipment and is assessed and verified by competent site personnel. and externally verified.

All students who are assessed as competent in the JOIFF Diploma programme are awarded the JOIFF Diploma and authorised to use the post nominal DipJOIFF.