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JOIFF Training Centres

JOIFF accredited training establishments are chosen because of their excellence of facilities, Instructors and Instructional techniques. For the names of the establishments currently JOIFF accredited, contact the JOIFF Secretariat.

JOIFF accredited instructors are experienced in the instructional ability of continual student assessment in the subject matter being dealt with. They also have current and first-hand knowledge of the Industry for which they will be providing training and provide credible and relevant instruction on the courses/programmes to which they are assigned.

JOIFF accredited courses/programmes are robust, challenging and relevant to the potential accidents/incidents on or off the site to which the emergency responder may be required to respond within the Site Emergency Response Plan.

Competency Based Certification

Each person who satisfactorily completes a JOIFF accredited training course / programme receives a JOIFF Certificate of Competency. After initial training has been satisfactorily completed, competency based training certification can only be maintained by the regularity of a robust and auditable on-site training programme augmented as necessary by suitable practical Firefighting and other Courses at JOIFF accredited training establishments.

Audit Trail

Records should be kept of the training received by each member of the emergency response team, full time and part time. Each member of the emergency response team should have a portfolio of all training undertaken and be able, by questioning, to demonstrate that they are competent in their particular role. The JOIFF Diploma Competency Based Training Portfolio is the perfect method of keeping records and of tracking Learners’ progress.